At Tennants we are thrilled to be Irelands sole and independent distributer of Burgess CEP Biocote products for active Bacterial Control.


  • Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • General Practices
  • Kitchens
  • Laboratories

Biocote® is a world-wide patent protected powder coating technology that has excellent advanced anti bacterial qualities.

The active agent is based on natural products that are proven to be safe.

The active agent incorporated into Biocote®is Silver, which is integrated into the product at the time of manufacture creating a concentration of silver ions on the surface. When bacteria come into contact with a Biocote protected surface, the silver binds with the bacteria and causes their enzymes to break down. The enzymes cannot therefore produce energy stopping the bacteria from multiplying and causing them to die.

Biocote®silver antimicrobial technology is one of the key pieces in the jigsaw of effectively reducing levels of bacteria in hygiene conscious environments.

The silver technology complements cleaning methods to give an additional line of defence against Bacteria, mould and funghi, including MRSA, Ecoli and Salmonella.

Biocote® does not function in the same way as antibiotics and there is very little evidence to suggest bacteria have become resistant to Biocote as they can to some antibiotics.