Saint-Gobain Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic products and systems that contribute to a good working environment by enhancing peoples’ wellbeing and performance. Their promise »A sound effect on people« is the core backbone of everything they do.

Ecophon is part of one of the world’s 100 top industrial groups, Saint-Gobain – the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation.

For people to be as creative and effective as possible, a good sound environment is crucial. Good acoustics benefit ease of communication as well as concentration and are also integral in creating a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction. Providing a good sound environment is one of the most rewarding investments that can be made in a building. Several different measures can be taken to improve the acoustic environment of a room, one of the most effective being the installation of a sound-absorbing ceiling. From a strictly acoustical point of view, the best solution is a suspended, acoustic ceiling.

Ecophon’s range of products covers the full spectrum of acoustic applications from commodity demountable ceilings to concealed edge profiles, floating baffles and bespoke raft ceilings and wall panels.

You can be as creative as you want whilst contributing massively to the internal acoustics within any workspace or recreational environment.

Ecophon have carried out extensive testing on the health benefits of well designed acoustic environments and have a wealth of resources and experience along with professionally trained technical staff to offer solutions for the most demanding specifications.

Tennants are proud to be an all Ireland distributer for Ecophon Acoustic ceilings and wall panels. If you would like any additional information on the Ecophon range of products we will be happy to assisit.

Hygiene Advance C3

Along with many specialist products by Ecophon, Tennants are particularly pleased to supply the Ecophon Hygiene Advance system to the Medicare industry. Ecophon Hygiene Advance C3 is a wall to wall, sound-absorbing ceiling system intended for use in environments where there is a high level of contamination, and where frequent cleaning is required. The system is also an excellent choice for clean environments with high demands on low particle emissions. Examples of applications: in healthcare premises like operation theatres and laboratories with very high requirements on particle emission and disinfection, in food and beverage industries in areas exposed to splatter from different kinds of liquids that require daily cleaning. In kitchens in dishwashing areas with constantly high humidity. The system is classified B1 and B5 for zone 4 according to standard NF S 90-351 and clean room classified according ISO 3.

The system consists of Ecophon Hygiene Advance A tiles, which have a core of high density, 3rd generation glass wool encapsulated in a smooth high-performance film that is impervious to particles and water. The film is also dirt-repellent and resistant to most chemicals. The supporting structure is a corrosion protected exposed Connect T24 C3 grid of specially treated steel with a high corrosion resistance. The weight of the system is approximately 3 kg/m2 (20 mm) and 4,5 kg/m2 (40 mm). The Ecophon Hygiene Advance A C3 is a technical ceiling system which might have aesthetic variations that will not affect the functionality of the system.