Fermacell has been a benchmark for quality in dry lining building materials in the industry for over 40 years.

Fermacell GmbH is the dry lining construction business unit of the Xella Group and has become a firmly established international name.

The Fermacell product range includes:

  • Gypsum fibre board panels.
  • Dry flooring elements.
  • The glass fibre-reinforced, cement-bonded Fermacell Powerpanel dry lining boards
  • The Fermacell greenline range
  • Associated accessories.

Manufactured in various locations around Europe and then distributed by Tennants throughout Ireland, Fermacell provides high quality, fully tested products to the construction industry.

Fermacell is made from gypsum and recycled paper fibres – both natural, raw materials – mixed with water without any other binders being added. The mixture is then pressed into stable boards under high pressure, dried, coated with a water repellent, and cut to the required sizes. The gypsum reacts with the water, penetrating and enveloping the fibres which produces high stability and non-combustibility. Because of its material composition, Fermacell board is used in high performance dry lining projects and is suitable for general construction, fire protection, and wet rooms.

So why do I need Fermacell?

If you need racking-level strength, extra fire and moisture performance and/or improved sound reduction, then Fermacell is the board you need! It can be used as a  building board for fire protection of walls, floors, ceilings or steel beams and also in high moisture content areas were plasterboard just won’t do, such as external walls or swimming pool areas. It can even bend round corners!

It comes in many different board dimensions, thicknesses and densities for a wide range of applications so give our trained staff at Tennants a call to help you through the process of picking the perfect board for you.