Fire Barriers & Passive Fire Protection

Developed as an alternative Fire Barrier to Asbestos, Firefly Fire Barriers, Fire Curtains and Downlight Fire Hoods, are produced from woven and non-woven glass – all materials which are non-respirable, lightweight and easily installed. TBA Firefly were the first company to bring flexible fire barriers to the market, which not only offer passive fire protection but also stop heat from transferring through the wall in the event of a fire.

Firefly Cavity Fire Barriers are developed primarily for the construction industry. They are a flexible, lightweight and easy to install solution to all compartmentation requirements, traditionally serviced by the use of mineral fibre fire barriers.

Trusted in all aspects of Passive Fire Protection

TBA products are trusted worldwide. Our reputation for being a reliable, proactive business partner comes from the successful management of our global markets, the development of our worldwide network of distributors and agents, and through working in partnership with our customers to help strengthen and grow their businesses. TBA produces an extensive range of passive fire protection products, such as fire curtains, barriers and hoods for use in specific areas and for specialised applications.

Passive Fire Protection Specialists

TBA Textiles is one of the world’s leading developers of High Performance Passive Fire Protection Textiles. Established for over 120 years, the company is split into three separate departments:

  • Thermal Insulation Textiles
  • Speciality Products
  • Firefly Fire Barriers

Products for the other departments can be viewed on the TBA Textiles website.

Market leader in Passive Fire Protection

We listened to our customers needs and increased the scope of installation by not just testing our Fire Barriers for vertical installations, but also for the horizontal – opening up many more applications such as control zones and movement joints.

Further diversifying, and following on from an initial MOD enquiry, Firefly moved into the tough marine market under the brand name of NAUTILUS, providing fire insulation barriers, for both bulkheads and decks.