Knauf, a family name, and a corporate group of global dimensions. At the same time synonymous with a type of corporate culture which has become rare. Knauf is a typical family firm in spite of its size and this is precisely the reason for its amazing success. It is the short and direct decision-making paths, the courage to tackle new ideas, innovations, investments and the wealth of ideas that characterises the company.


Knauf Drywall systems will meet all your application and construction needs. Innovation, ease of use and integration go together to provide powerful, high performance and simple-to-implement solutions across all building sectors.

Knauf offer a full range of plasterboards to meet all drylining requirements, including high performance boards for greater fire,moisture, vapour, sound and impact results. Use in conjunction with Knauf jointing compounds, plasters, fixings, plasterboard adhesive and metal systems.


Knauf Warm Wall systems are the most cost effective way to insulate new and existing buildings, providing efficient thermal properties and allowing for creative design.

An external wall insulation system will provide a weatherproof skin to the building with great thermal performance, and with a continuous layer of insulation encapsulating the building, avoids the risk of thermal bridges and interstitial condensation.

Knauf Warm Wall systems and finishes are designed to be low maintenance, and with good building management and inspections will provide a good performance and longevity of the system over the buildings lifespan.

By placing insulation on the outside of the building the internal floor space is not compromised and creates a `tea cosy` effect around the building. Warm Wall systems are not restricted in thickness like cavity wall construction and can be used in certain circumstances up to 400mm in thickness.

By using a Warm Wall system on a project, it will make a real impact on reduction of CO2 emissions, and improved thermal performance to meet or exceed part L Building Regulations. Knauf systems will lower energy bills for the building occupier and enable the occupants to have a comfortable internal temperature.

Solid concrete walls, brick construction, block work, steel or timber framed construction are all possible with a Warm Wall system, and being able to meet NHBC standards for residential project, with a cavity rail system are all possible with a Knauf system.

Choice of colour, texture and grain size, offer a wide range of design possibilities, giving the building designer great scope for flair, creativity and flexibility in designs.

Knauf is a family name, and a corporate group of global dimensions, founded in 1932 by the brothers Karl and Dr.Alfons N. Knauf, today the company is still managed by the family members who strive to provide quality solutions for building materials around the globe.


Knauf provide sustainable high performance insulation products, ranging from Glasswool rolls & slabs to high density extruded polystyrene sheets used in specialist applications.

The product range is produced in state of the art, modern facilities, supported by ongoing research & development, helping to enhance the energy efficiency of your building. And even better, their Glass products are produced from over 80% recycled material! Glasswool products are highly versatile and can used in various applications throughout you build.

Our staff can take you through the process & asses your requirements to make sure you get the perfect product for your project.

AMF Ceilings

AMF is a manufacturer of high performance suspended ceiling systems & acoustic wall panels for the global specification market. Owned by Knauf, AMF has its head office and manufacturing plant in Germany with another factory located in Ferndorf Austria and is represented in further 30 countries with products being supplied to over 80 countries worldwide. We have specification and contractor representatives covering the whole of the UK, with our ceiling systems being supplied through a national network of distributors.

Following a recent investment of €50 million, AMF owns the single largest mineral wool board plant in Europe and one of the most modern factories in the world. Through increased capacity and state-of-the-art technology, AMF continues to develop new generation suspended ceiling products including rafts, baffles, acoustic wall panels as well as manufacturing its existing market leading commodity and performance systems.

For more information on the extensive range of products for any type of ceiling application from AMF please contact the Tennants sales team and we will be happy to assist.


Acoustic systems for feel-good rooms

Heradesign produces and develops high-class acoustic systems for ceilings and walls that are consistently sustainable. The main fields of application are education, sports, offices, infrastructure, entertainment and recreational facilities.

Thanks to the outstanding sound absorption values, as well as the use of sustainable materials and technologies, the Heradesign acoustic solutions make an essential contribution to the improvement of the ambience of a room. They increase well-being and, as a result, improve concentration, efficiency and performance.

Heradesign acoustic solutions are completely harmless as regards building biology. They offer acoustics and design with a clear, “green conscience”!


Quick and incredibly easy to use, Knauf Safeboard is a lead-free X-ray resistant plasterboard and is revolutionising healthcare. It’s a great example of Knauf’s aim to ‘Build for the world we live in’ – and just one in a growing range of Knauf plasterboard products that deliver the right solution in demanding situations.

Knauf Safeboard is an X-ray resistant plasterboard with barium sulphate in its core. It effectively and significantly reduces the amount of lead needed within X-ray shielding partitions, in many cases removing the need for lead altogether.

Knauf Safeboard Joint Filler is used with Knauf Safeboard X-ray shielding plasterboard to complete the radiation protection.