A contemporary, cost-efficient and durable board material, Rockpanel board material is used, mostly in ventilated constructions, for facade cladding, roof detailing, soffits and fascias.

Rockpanel is manufactured from the sustainable rock, basalt. It is a very robust and flexible board material which fits perfectly with modern trends such as organic shapes and sustainability, with a strong emphasis on cost efficiency and short installation times.

Rockpanel designs are available in fire classification A2-s1, d0

A façade board range with such a broad design spectrum was, until now, not available on the European market in a non-combustible grade.

Rockpanel products are as workable as wood and as durable as stone and easy to use on site.

A bold statement can be created for the ‘skin’ of a building with Rockpanel. A building that catches the eye, holds it and tells the story in just one look. Rockpanel facade / rainscreen cladding offers a rich design and colour range combined with a board material which can be shaped easily to the form you require, supporting your freedom of expression.

Rockpanel offers a highly flexible range of products which are easy to work, cost efficient and aesthetically attractive. With Rockpanel, waste is minimised and installation time is reduced.

Rockpanel facade / rainscreen cladding has been used in new build and renovation projects for many years.

Because Rockpanel possesses a number of unique properties, it can be used to create just about any facade. Rockpanel facade cladding is:

  • dimensionally stable
  • lightweight
  • easy to bend and twist
  • colourfast, available in all RAL colours
  • multidirectional / non-repetitive
  • vapour-open
  • durable
  • fireproof