Fire Protection

Tennants knows about all the aspects of Fire Stopping, but do you? If not, don’t worry because we can help.

We work with leading manufacturers such as Promat, FSI, Firefly, Rockwool, Knauf and Gypsum on passive fire protection, intumescent paint products, through wall and through floor protection, and fire containment.

Within this area you can take the wrong advice or trust an ill-conceived view on how to protect your building, but we know the facts, and with our extensively trained staff we can assure you of expert guidance at all times in this heavily legislated sector, ensuring that your project is protected to the required standard.

The spread of fire and smoke in any building must be controlled and contained to limit any damage to property or life. At Tennants we never take this lightly, and will ever only use or advise upon using extensively tested products and solutions from the leading manufacturers, as they are the real experts. Fire rated plasterboards, calcium silicate boards, fire curtains, fire pillows, cavity barriers, intumescent pipe wraps, pipe collars and compounds are all stock items across our divisions.

Specially trained staff at Tennants can guide the architect, consultant, builder and installer through this process, so don’t get it wrong, speak to Tennants.

Links to Fire Protection Brands

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