AMF ceilings have developed a number of products that are ideal for use in a variety of healthcare environments.


The range includes products that are certified for use in clean rooms up to ISO Class 4, and products that can be supplied with the Hygena anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment. The range also includes products with outstanding acoustic performance and resistance to chemical cleaning and high humidity. This means that AMF can provide ideal solutions for most areas in hospitals, care homes, laboratories and other healthcare environments.

Hygiene levels and infection control are critically important factors when considering the design and construction of healthcare facilities, including, amongst others, hospitals and out-patient clinics, laboratories, GP surgeries, care homes and rehabilitation centres. All of these facilities have an increased demand for performance ceilings with hygienic properties to provide infection control. During planning, there are many national and international standards and regulations to consider, such as the guidelines for hospital hygiene and infection prevention, BS EN ISO 14644, HTM 60 or DIN 1946 (ventilation). Other factors that need to be considered include acoustics (HTM 08-01) and fire protection. The correct ceiling for a healthcare application would need to consider the following : clean room classification, resistance to bacteria and fungi, cleanability, humidity resistance, acoustics, fire protection, accessibility and maintenance.

Due to the high capacity of healthcare facilities and the increasing danger of pathogens spreading and infecting already ill people, the issue of healthcare facility hygiene is becoming more important than ever. Through the use of innovative materials and infection control practices, hygiene can be improved and the risk of the spread of infection reduced. The installation of appropriate suspended ceiling systems can meet the various regulatory requirements and support the routine infection control hygiene measures to help provide better outcomes for patients.

AMF Hygena ceiling tiles have been specifically developed to resist against bacteria and fungi. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment of the tile prevents the uninhibited growth of micro-organisms making THERMATEX Hygena an ideal solution for use in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, laboratories and pharmaceutical facilities. Hygena is available as an option on all THERMATEX surface patterns and is particularly effective in combination with all plain surface tiles, including THERMATEX Plain and THERMATEX Alpha.